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The Madrileño Within

Can you capture the Madrileñan spirit? Come and meet an artist, a pastry chef, and a flamenco dancer and find out!

An opportunity to get up close and personal in a cultural way during your time in Madrid. Three people with very different jobs invite us into their workspace for us to join them in what they do… an artist gives us a still life drawing class in his studio, a pastry chef teaches us technique in his kitchen, and a flamenco dancer takes into her rehearsal space for a percussion class. We conclude with a refreshing aperitif. All the activities take place in the historic centre, around the Plaza Mayor.

Theatrical Treasure Hunt

You never know who you’ll meet on these Madrileñan streets!

Groups divide into teams and are given maps and a set of tasks they will need to complete to win Spanish treasure. Along the way they will meet classic Madrileñan characters past and present. They’ll complete challenges, gather clues, and make their way to our final destination where a delicious cocktail or optional lunch or dinner awaits them. A phenomenal team building event!

Human connection through our quality, unique experiences. Tours, activities and motivational team building.

Spanish Cuisine & Paella Classes

Spanish cooking class for intimate small groups to a MasterChef-style cook off for 300+

Lots of delicious options for your group! Prepare a paella in the restaurant kitchen in the old Austrias area of Madrid or spend the morning with a renown chef and food writer in her studio creating a whole Spanish menu for your sit down lunch. You could also try your hand at some spherification techniques with a molecular cookery class in a fun and buzzing school in central Madrid. We like to stoke the proverbial fire for our larger groups and bring in the competitive edge, think Masterchef style or a paella cook off!

The Big Picture Challenge

Problem solving, out-of-the-box thinking, teamwork

A giant picture of your choice, whether that be a company logo or a resonating message,  is divided into pieces for each team to paint and put back together. Teamwork and communication are essential. It couldn’t be more symbolic! 

Flamenco Percussion Class

Finding a group’s rhythm

Our flamenco rhythm and percussion class is very much a team effort, taking guests through the basic flamenco rhythms of the palmas hand-clapping and the cajón sound-box. Groups are taught at their own pace, putting together what they have learned to create a percussion sequence by the end of the class.

The Madrid iPad Challenge

A fun, techie team challenge

Armed with an iPad, each team answers questions and perform tasks leading them through the streets of historic Madrid, be it the Plaza Mayor, the Puerta del Sol or the Plaza Oriente. Good teamwork, time-keeping and thinking outside the box are essential to be declared the winning team!

The Race

Strengthen relationships and build a race car

You have just one hour and 15 minutes against the clock to assemble the perfect racing car. Teamwork is essential each step of the way in order to be proclaimed the winner. Once the cars are assembled, each team chooses a driver and two team members for the Race. Starters orders and 15 minutes to classify! Adrenalin-fired teamwork. 

All tours can be adapted to any group size.
Attention to Detail
Because small things matter.
With Soul
… it’s about how it makes you feel.
Cultural Vision
Showcasing the essence of Spain while adapting to your group.
Personally Designed
For unique experience of Spain
Smooth Operation
Executed with organization & experience

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a process. Working together is success."

~ Henry Ford


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